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My name is Arianie Sulaiman Keeney and I am the editor of

I am a third culture kid and American transplant originally hailing from the island city of Singapore. In the mid-nineties, I taught English and Art in the Singapore education system while practicing Body Movement in the Singapore Arts Scene, which culminated in several performances with Metabolic Dance Laboratory under the direction of Singapore multi-disciplinary artist Zai Kuning.  I performed my first solo titled  ‘Rasuk-Mystics’ at the Singapore Art Museum in the Artist in Education/ Education in Art Exhibition in 1997, followed by ‘Tribute to Matahari’ in the Substation’s New Criteria V Exhibition. My final exhibition in Singapore was an all-women group collaboration titled H.O.P.E. in the 2000 Nokia Art exhibition at Chijmes, Singapore.

In 2000, I relocated to the United States when my husband’s post in Singapore came to an end. I was studying Photography & Digital Media at the University of Houston’s School of Fine Arts and in 2004 I graduated magna cum laude with a double degree in Political Science & Broadcast Journalism along with a photography minor. I was the recipient of several print and broadcasting scholarships awarded by the Texas Association of Broadcasters Belo Corporation Scholarship 2003/2004, the George Kirksey Scholarship 2002/2003/2004, the Houston Press Club Scholarship 2003/2004 and the Maxine Mesinger Houston Chronicle Scholarship 2002/2003.  I  also learned  from the best in newsrooms at Houston PBS, Houston KUHF and KTRK-TV 13 as a news reporting associate.

In 2007, while expecting my third child, I graduated with a Master of Arts in International Diplomacy from Norwich University School of Graduate Studies with an emphasis on International Conflict Resolution/ Management. My areas of interest are in American Foreign Policy, International Conflict Resolution and Global Climate Crisis.

On a normal day I juggle independent research, undertake freelance assignments as a multimedia editor, photographer and reporter, and at the same time raising a healthy, happy family whilst adapting to my husband’s highly mobile career in the gas energy sector. I now divide my time between the Greater New York City area, as well as the United Arab Emirates with my wonderful and supportive family, a Himalayan cat and two lovely Persians.

When I’m not researching, analyzing, commentating, editing or writing, I love to capture the moment with my camera, grow organic microgreens and spend quality time with my family.

~ Arianie Keeney

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Highlights from the UN Archives

(United Nations) Diplomacy at work: Highlights from the UN Archives. The inventory and preservation of a legacy at risk.


The White House
Trump Meets Israeli Prime Minister
Presidential Speech on Libya
Obama: Standing With Japan
(Mar 17, 2011) ( President Obama updates on the situation in Japan, says the United States is committed to help Japan.
Obama-Rasmussen on Japan – Mid-East
(Mar 14, 2011) ( President Obama and Prime Minister Rasmussen discussed the events in Japan, the Middle East.
Obama: Muammar Gaddafi must leave
(Mar 3, 2011) ( President Obama said Gaddafi has lost legitimacy and must leave Libya.
Global News Feeds


(FPA) A Foreign Policy Association film by MacDara King and David Heidelberger of the enormous endeavors of American Diplomacy.


Libya Uprising
Operation Unified Protector
Military Mission in Libya
Operation Odyssey Dawn 2011
(Mar 20, 2011) (US Navy) U.S. Marine Corps AV/-8B Harrier jets launch from the USS Kearsarge for Operation Odyssey Dawn.
UNSC No-Fly Zone on Libya
No Fly Zone #Libya UN authorizes no-fly zone over Libya. Find out about "no-fly zone" & more in UN Security Council resolution 1973.
Obama Authorizes Military Action
(Mar 19, 2011) ( President Obama authorizes the U.S. military to a limited military action after Gaddafi refused cease-fire.
Obama’s Statement on Libya

(Mar 18, 2011) ( The President says that the United States is ready to act if Gaddafi does not honor cease-fire agreement.

Donate Refugee Crisis in Libya


(BBC) The Bomb is a BBC Nuclear Weapons documentary on the historical timeline of nuclear production and its influence on political power.


2011 Japan Earthquake Tsunami
Latest Japan Earthquake April 7
Japan Nuclear Crisis “Breakthrough”
Japan: Food Radiation Fears
(Mar 22, 2011) (Al Jazeera English) Radiation is still leaking from the Fukushima nuclear site in Japan and spreading to other areas.
Operation Tomodachi Quake Relief 2011
(DoD) Operation Tomodachi involves 14 U.S. Navy ships, more than 100 aircraft & thousands of U.S. service members assisting Japan.
Office of Prime Minister of Japan
Updates from Japan PM's Office on the 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake including instructions on countermeasures, assistance, safety/ health hazards.
International Atomic Energy Agency

Updates from the International Atomic Energy Agency

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