A Charming Bedroom Community

22 Minutes on a very good day on I-93N from Boston if you get lucky with traffic. During peak periods I could almost double that. When accidents occur I could very well sit on the highway for more than an hour. We do this commute everyday with three kids in a private independent school in Boston. Home is a charming bedroom suburb 25 minutes away. I take exit 24 do the roundabout and along South Border road home. It gets old after a while but I love the neighborhood. Once you enter the rotary it’s a whole different new world. It’s scenic and comforting at the same time. I no longer have to look at miles of sand, and there are trees here, their foliage changes color, they are lush green in the summer and golden and red and purple in the Fall. I fell in love with the quaint historic old homes in my town. They remind me of my girls’ dollhouses, a feature of the New England charm. I loved the tall shiny buildings of my home away from home, and their avant-garde architecture, the swishing of boats docked in the marina at my doorsteps, but here the greenery, stately homes, nature reserves, and produce farms justify the trade-off. After all downtown Boston is only 22 minutes away on a very good day, and the neighboring towns and cities bring variety for choices. No, we’re not talking clean, sterile facilities like the opulent Burj Al Arab or the Madinat, and here it doesn’t come close to the world’s famous Dubai Mall. I could go to Natick or Chestnut Hill for that but it’s different and it’s happiness in a whole different light.